Akaki Basic Metals Industry

  Background and Establishment

Akaki Basic Metals Industry was established in 1989 G.C, established for the purpose of producing and supplying spare parts and capital goods and carrying out such related activities that are deemed important for the attainment of its objectives. This Industry is transferred from privatization agency to Metals and Engineering Corporation in the year 2010 G.C. ABMI is formed through amalgamation of six factories. In addition to producing and supplying spare parts and capital goods it also multiply itself by constructing such factories throughout the country and transferring to different enterprises.


  • To develop our country in basic metals technology and be competitive in the world market.


  • To be the owner of regional inventions by knowing the present and estimating the future need of basic metal products as well as studying and analyzing the casting and metallurgical technology through a continuous improvement.
  • Developing basic metals technology through interrelations within engineering knowledge that support the economic activities to achieve our country's goals
  • Using past integrated experience to speed up the development of our country's basic metal needs.
  • Giving priority to the human resource development so as to obtain trained, skilled and professional man power.