Dejen Aviation Engineering Industry

Background and Establishment

The Aircraft overhauling center was established in the mid-1980s as the aircraft heavy maintenance center to overhaul aircraft of the Ethiopian air force. Beginning in the mid-1990s, the center's operations were expanded to include the overhaul of helicopters and to carry out major upgrade and modification work. In 2004, the newly expanded Dejen aviation engineering complex was inaugurated which is located in Bishoftu, 47 km of Addis Ababa. In 2010, Dejen Aviation Industry (DAVI) was incorporated into the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC).

DAVI has eight plant facilities such as: Fixed Wing Production Factory, Rotary Wing Production Factory, Aeromechanical Factory, Avionics System Integration Factory, Power Plant Factory, Body and Frame Factory, UAV production Factory and Test Center Factory.


  To Advance Ethiopian's Aero Space Industry.


Lead the industrial development of Ethiopia in the Aviation sector through overhauling modification, upgrading and manufacturing aircraft machines and parts.