Production Factories

1.       Small arms production factory

2.       Medium caliber production factory,

3.       Rocket launcher and mortars production factory,

4.       Heavy artillery and howitzer factory

5.       Precision casting factory

6.       Armament spare parts & accessories production factory

7.       Material treatment factory

8.       Armament warheads & receiver bodies production factory

9.       Armament barrels production factor

10.                          Fire arms shooting partss production factory

11.    Equipment manufacturing and  rebuilding factory

Main Products

*      Gafat-1  (7.62x39mm Automatic Rifle)

*      ET-97/1  (7.62x39mm Automatic Rifle)   

*      ET-97/2  (40mm Grenade Launcher)

*      ET-04/01 (35mm AGL)

*      ET-05/01 (82 mm mortar)

*      ET-05/02 (12.7mm Dual  purpose)   

Peripheral   business

*      Manufacturing spare parts for weapons

*      Producing capital goods and machinery spare parts that minimize the consumption of foreign exchanges.


*      Overhauling (Heavy, medium & light overhauling) of various types of small arms, anti-aircraft, mortars shoulder type rocket launcher, howitzers and cannons.

*      Providing training in the field of armament technology.

*      Providing material treatment services, metallurgical laboratory & spectra testing

(Tensile testing, compression testing, impact testing, hardness testing, hardening, coloring, chrome plating; material composition testing….)

*      Erection & commissioning of manufacturing facilities of armament products.