Mega Projects

METEC is currently working in several activities of research design, engineering, production, procurements and construction of power plants, production plants, and capital equipment. METEC works in a number of power plants and manufacturing industry projects, most of them being in mega sizes. Among the main projects the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project, Sugar manufacturing factories, fertilizer manufacturing factories, Thermal Power Plant  and other projects.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project

METEC is performing design, manufacturing, installation and erection of electromechanical and hydrolic steel structure works of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project.

Sugar Manufacturing Factories

METEC has set out strategic plan to execute sugar projects as EPC contractor from 6000- 12,000 tone of crushing capacity per day (TCD) factories having 45 MW power generation plant facilities at different sites, and also conducting engineering design and design optimization from 6000 TCD, 10,000 TCD and 24000 TCD as contractor to Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.

Fertilizer Manufacturing Plants Project

METEC is establishing Totally Integrated Fertilizer Production Plant at YAYO site. The work scope of METEC includes design, manufacture, supply, transportation to site, site preparation, installation, supervision, commissioning, training of personnel, and other activities like in sugar plant.

Other Manufacturing plants

METEC is also in the realization of different typologies of manufacturing plants to be owned and operated by young private manufacturers. Among these manufacturing plants:

·         Flexible manufacturing workshops

·         Textile and garment industries

·         Agro-processing plants

·         Forest industry development

·         Agro-mechanization projects