Homicho Ammunition Engineering Industry

Back Ground and Establishment

Lately known as Hormat Amination Complex was established in 1987 as Project 130 to perform semi-finished ammunition inputs production. The industry was designed to build the local manufacturing capacity of ammunition products. In 2010, the company was restructured under the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) as the Homicho Ammunition Engineering Industry (HAEI). HAEI is located in the western Shoa Zone of the Oromia regional state about 140 km West from Addis Ababa. HAEI has seven factories: small and medium ammunition factory, heavy ammunition warhead factory, extrusion and forming factory, case and liner factory, explosive and propellant factory, fuse and detonator factory and rocket production factory.This industry outsources manufacturing of different parts of ammunitions for micro and small enterprises.


*   To be a Leader institution in research design and development of ammunition technologies. 


*   Designing & developing affordable high quality ammunition to be delivered at any time and any place.

*   Manufacturing commercial products with a strategic benefit and make available to the local and international markets.

           Core Business

*      Design, development, integration and testing of different ammunition and  rockets