Infrastructure Machinery Engineering Industry


  Background and Establishment

Infrastructure Machinery Engineering Industry established in 2010                                                                                             as one of the engineering industries established under METEC. The industry was first concerned in overhauling construction machineries, with in Bishoftu Automotive Industry. Later the industry grown in to assembling and manufacturing construction and engineering machineries containing three production factories specialized in different Construction Machinery technology. It is currently constructing additional manufacturing plants for large, medium and small scale enterprises and associations.


                                       *    To build and realize a world-class competitive construction machinery industry sector in Ethiopia.


*      Achieving self-capacity build up to ensure construction machinery engineering technology development in national level and escape from foreign dependency in the sector.

*      Implementing and strengthening part localization with respect to import substitution strategy so as to minimize foreign currency requirement amount to purchase such commodities.

*      Building construction machinery assembly lines technology and transfer to small and medium scale metal sectors as well as potential private enterprises across different regions.

Production Factories:

1.      Wheel machinery factory

2.      Chain machinery factory

3.      Small and medium construction machinery assembling factory

4.      Wukro small and heavy machinery manufacturing factory