Quality Management Center

Background and Establishment

Quality Management Center (QMC) was established under F.D.R.E Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) on June 2010. QMC currently has four institutes which are undergoing various services such as:- Calibration and testing laboratory institute, Project Quality Supervision institute, Quality Standard and Certification institute, Precision Equipments Maintenance and Manufacturing Institute and provides Training and Technical supports.


Assuring the quality of METEC's and other private and government sector products and services to be able to competent in the global market.


*      Provide project quality supervision services for mega projects owned by METEC,

*      Provide worldwide competent and customer focused calibration and testing services,

*      Make METEC's and other private and government sectors civil and  military products own standards and provide certifications,

*      Quality inspection, verification, and auditing of products based on standard and requirements.

*      Providing maintenance service for hydroelectric power generator and biomedical precision instruments.

1.      Calibration and testing Institute Services

Calibration and testing laboratory institute (CTLI) is the only industrial calibration and testing services providing governmental development business enterprise in Ethiopia. It is a modern service provider equipped with latest technologies traceable standards, its being managed by dedicated and well trained workers.

It provides with credible services and always strives to meet your best interest at an affordable price. It provides the services in four well organized laboratories, this are Geometrical, Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical laboratories. 

2.     Projects Quality Supervision Institute

Projects quality supervision institute providing service for METEC mega projects quality control, quality assurance, inspection activities on

1. GERDP quality supervision work

2. Omo sugar factory plant project

3. Beles No.1 sugar factory plant project

4. Beles No.2 sugar factory plant project

5. Beles No.3 sugar factory plant project

6. Yayo fertilizer plant project